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We wanted to let you know that we are Miami Carpet Cleaning
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We offer the best services in Miami - you get special one-on-one attention from me the owner. I have been creating numerous web pages and re-directing them to our main web site. There are a lot of fly by night carpet cleaning companies out there advertising hyper links and fake re-directs using our NAME on the internet to lure our clients into calling them.  They even put hyphens in my business name, they answer the phone as Miami Carpet Cleaning etc... The proper authorities have been notified - Rest assure you've reached the right company to come to your home and clean your carpets. We are licensed and insured and have kept our set price guide for the past 6 years. We do not market one price and then change the numbers on you. We do a deep carpet cleaning with the top of the line equipment - Visit our Main web page for questions and answers - feed back from our clients - our residential & commercial  price guides. 

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